Is Aspen Bedding Actually Safe For Hamsters?

When it comes to your pet hamster, doing everything that you can the safest way possible is very important for them. So that includes the type of bedding that you decide to use in their cage as well.

There are many different types of bedding that you can use in a hamster’s cage, and aspen bedding is one of them. So is aspen bedding actually safe for hamsters?

Aspen bedding is actually safe for hamsters to have because it’s non-toxic, won’t injure them, and has already been treated properly for use in a hamster’s cage. Aspen wood shavings are actually a great alternative to use if you don’t want bedding that’s made out of paper and it can even be used to mix with the type of bedding that you are already using as well.

Is Aspen Bedding Safe For Hamsters?

If you’re already using a different type of bedding and you want to try aspen, then it’s normal to wonder if aspen bedding is safe for your hamster.

Well, aspen bedding is safe for hamsters to have in their cage and it’s actually the only safe one that is made out of wood that’s available.

The main reason why aspen bedding is safe for hamsters is that it will have already been treated properly for them to use in their cage.

Also, when it comes to this type of bedding you should only use the ones that are specifically made for small pets. The ones that are the safest are found in a pet store in the small pet section, and usually not from anywhere else. The reason why is that aspen bedding from anywhere else besides a pet store wouldn’t be specially treated for small pets to use and it’s not specifically made for them. Not all bedding and things that are marketed for small pets are actually safe for them to use though.

An example of this is bedding that is made with cedar and pine. Cedar and pine bedding can be very toxic for a hamster and it can also break into small sharp pieces that can hurt your little pet.

However, aspen bedding is non-toxic and completely safe for a hamster, so for the safety of your hamster try not to mix up aspen bedding with cedar and pine bedding.

Should You Use Aspen Bedding In A Hamster’s Cage?

There are many different types of bedding that you can pick from to use inside of your hamster’s cage. Some hamster owners decide to use aspen bedding in their small pet’s cage. While other pet hamster owners might choose to use a different type of bedding material that’s available, like the ones that are made out of paper. When it comes to the different types of bedding, each type of them can have their own benefits, so that means that aspen bedding has some of its own too.

So one reason to use aspen bedding in their cage is that it actually does a really decent job of absorbing some of the odors.

It can soak up a lot of the normal smells that you’ll notice that can come from your hamster’s cage while also being additive-free and as dust-free as it can possibly be.

Another reason why aspen bedding is good to use in a hamster’s cage is that it helps with their tunnel building.

Most hamsters love to burrow and build little tunnels that they can relax and play in while still feeling safe. So the good thing about aspen bedding is that it does a great job of helping them create their little tunnels, and it can help keep the tunnels strong so that it doesn’t come crumbling down easily as well.

If you don’t want to completely switch over to just using this one type of bedding, then you can also mix the aspen bedding with the bedding that you already use. Bedding that’s mixed together can help them build stronger tunnels and also give them some variety, and hamsters really love and need some type of variety in their lives.

So when it really comes down to it, there are some good reasons to use aspen bedding instead of, or along with, other types of bedding.
Written by Mason in Hamsters

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